“Back To School” Checklist for the First-Time Preschooler

School starts soon. Get ready!


One of the cardinal duties of a parent is to ready his or her child for the precious first day of school. This is a day which he or she will remember for decades to come. A positive emotional experience is vital for the continued success of the child in that given school. Thus, it is essential for the parent to ensure that all the supplies are provided to the child.
This is critical as it will foster the gradual development, learning, and playing aptitudes. If a child is left behind – he or she can feel alienated or isolated among his or her peers. Such an incident is a significant deterring factor hampering a child’s overall psychological development. The supplies so provided to the child will not only provide an equal playing field but more importantly, it will provide a conducive environment for the child to learn, interact, and grow.

Here Are The Materials You Will Require:

Art Supplies: The early days of any child’s school life is suffused with lots of creative activities including crafting and drawing. If you don’t already have the supplies, please consider buying the following items:

Crayons – While many art teachers prefer a set of eight, sixteen or twenty-four crayons in dynamic colours, expert state that a box of triangular crayons is ideal for children with small hands to hold.

Markers – It is recommended to purchase washable markers with multiple colours options to not only provide a diverse range but also provide easier options to clean-up.

Colour Pencils – While crayons form an indelible item in the overall palette vis-à-vis drawing, teachers also recommend purchasing coloured pencils to help decorate more intricate items and designs.

Scissors – There are scissors which are specifically designed to suit children by virtue of cutting nominal items and being rounded or blunt for safety purposes.

Glue – Glue Sticks are essential for purposes of sticking pictures onto paper. Furthermore, only liquid glue is allowed for children currently studying in kindergarten or below.
Writing Supplies – One of the quintessential elements in the development stage of a child is his or her ability to write and read proficiently. The following set of items will be focusing on enhancing the former.

Notebooks – A notebook is essential to augment the writing practice of a child. It is of note that some school’s classifications for a notebook might differ. As a matter of fact, certain teachers prefer wide-rule page notebooks which help the student to find more space in the notebook itself.

Pencils – The traditional and classic Number Two wooden pencils are always recommended. However, some parents prefer the jumbo pencils over the traditional ones. You should confer with your child’s school – enquiring which variant is accepted.

Erasers – Teachers recommend both conventional i.e. stand-alone erasers and the ones found on pencil caps. Erasers are crucial to remove any error which might arise from time to time.

Papers – Upon the prior notification by the school, parents are recommended to buy either white, ruled or construction paper, as the case might be.

Sharpener – A small and delicate sharpener is a prerequisite to keeping the pencils sharp and clean. This will help to improve the sheen of the pencil marks.
Bags and Boxes – Organization is paramount in keeping your child composed and methodical. Putting the right item in the right compartment is at times equally as important as teaching your child how to compose a sentence.

Backpacks – While kids in pre-kindergarten classes might not need a backpack, once your child starts kindergarten it is essential to purchase a backpack. It is essential because it helps your child carry his notebooks, stationery, water bottle and lunch box.

Lunch Box – Lunch and other food items are best confined in an insulated, recyclable and reusable lunch box. Additionally, you can invest in an ice pack to keep certain items like drinks or fruits fresh.

Water Bottle – You should consider purchasing a water bottle which will help your child quench his thirst and henceforth keep him hydrated.

Miscellaneous: While the aforementioned items are important, these items are equally, if not more important than the ones mentioned above.

Tissue Box – To keep your child hygiene and safe from any germs or dirt, it is important to purchase a tissue box to help deal with recurring colds.

Hand Sanitizer – Sanitary liquids like hand sanitizers help keep your child’s desk clean and safe from the spread of any dangerous germ or flu.

In conclusion, it can be stated that proper planning and the creation of a checklist is important to remember and purchase all the items before your child goes to school. As these are his formative years, any delinquency on your part as a parent can have potentially long-term consequences for the child. Thus it is essential for you to be attentive and purchase all the vital elements that he or she might require during the hours of his school.