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This is an era where the majority of people in every country across the globe heavily depend on various features available on the variety of Smartphone or iPhone they possess. These technologically advanced phones offer a considerable number of applications or Apps which are based on different programming languages. Nowadays, there seems to be an app for every purpose starting from downloading and transferring important files or making necessary payments via the internet to finding a specific location.

When it comes to finding a certain place, (Previously known as MapsWithMe) is considered one of the most effective apps available. It is an open source application that can be supported by devices like IOS, Blackberry, and Android. The main objective of this app is to provide offline maps of different locations scattered around 345 countries to the user. The search program used is based on OpenStreetMap data. This app was developed by a small international company based in Zurich, Switzerland named MapsWithMe.

Initial Launching and Updates:

This ingenious application was first launched as an iOS app in April 2011. Since then, it has evolved significantly with the implementation of its MapsWithMe Pro version for androids, iPhones, and various other devices. The name of this app changed to its current one MapsWithMe in 2014, right after the app started to be supported by Blackberry devices. Now, this app comes with very efficient features like night mode along with 3D buildings, map editor, etc. The users of this app can also book hotels from the website.

Distinctive Features: comes with a number of effective features that can be used for separate purposes. Some of these features are:

  • Routing: Routing is a very efficient advantageous feature offered by it helps the user to receive the accurate direction of a particular location offline.
  • Downloading facility: allows its users to download an unlimited number of maps as per their requirement. This feature familiarises users with any part of the world they want to visit.
  • GPS tracking facility: If you are using this app and suddenly get lost in a certain location, with the help of GPS tracking. You will be found in no time.
  • Sharing: gives you the opportunity to share your location with family members or friends as bookmarks.
  • Offline activities: As this app is offline, you will not require an internet connection when searching a certain location. You will be able to search any possible area by its name, category, coordinates or address.
  • Editing: Unlike other apps, provides you the opportunity to edit OSM (On Screen Menu) anytime you want as per your requirement. You can toggle the screen between three separate variables – old style, light, and dark. It also offers a considerable number of user-friendly tools for this purpose.
  • Traffic receiver: allows its users to utilise the efficacy of online traffic receivers along with Auto Follow mode options.

Reasons to Use App: is indeed capable of saving you a fortune if you are travelling abroad or going to an unfamiliar place. Here, some of its most conspicuous advantages are discussed:

  1. Mitigating roaming cost: Most of the navigational apps cannot work offline and as a result they require a constant internet connection to garner map information about various places. This causes a considerable amount of expenditure as roaming costs. As is an offline app, your roaming cost will be reduced by a significant amount.
  2. Independency from data connection: Even in this technologically advanced age, you wouldn’t find a strong internet connection in every corner of the world. There are still places where your mobile data facility would become absolutely defunct. In such places, would be able to help you find the location you are looking for. All you would need to do is to put specific coordinates or an address. It also curtails the unnecessary cost for mobile data as well.
  3. Searching in underground trains: In underground trains, you wouldn’t always get a very good reception or internet connection. In those places, offline apps like can be extremely useful in guiding you to your destination safely and in time as well.
  4. Saving time: Besides saving your expenses, this innovative app can also help you save a considerable time as well. In case of online mapping and tracking applications, a lot of time gets wasted because of buffering and irksome delay in loading the desired webpage. In this case, there is absolutely no chance of such incidents to occur.
  5. Saving battery life: Like all other offline apps, also saves a considerable amount of battery life in comparison with other online apps.

From the above key features and benefits, it is quite evident that this app can be a really helpful companion if you’re thinking about venturing for a certain terra incognita.