Top 3 GPS apps for mobile phones

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In today’s busy life our mobile phones play multiple roles in our lives. Those days have gone when people would only use their mobile phones to talk to other persons. Mobile phones have thousands of apps for various purposes. One of the most useful apps used by people is the GPS apps. These apps help people to find out there locations as well as find their ways through new cities and streets. Now-a-days most travelers, even people who commute regularly are using GPS apps to go to their destinations in the shortest and quickest possible ways.

Finding a good GPS app with all the preferable options is not an easy work. There are lots of GPS apps found in the Google Playstore for androids. One of the most common GPS apps is Google maps. But there are also new apps that have better features and new options for the users. Users can find the apps according to their needs and their requirements. Some people prefer online apps and some people prefer offline maps that can guide them to their destination. Many apps have more options like live street views, location descriptions and others. For people who love to travel, a GPS app can be the best travelling buddy.

Here are 3 best GPS apps that people are going crazy about and finding helpful. For many travelers these apps have been a part and parcel of their lives.

Waze menu iconsWaze

Waze is one of the most used GPS apps at this moment. This app is not like other GPS apps found in the Playstore. This app is a navigation GPS app available in the world which supports the largest community-based traffic and navigation information. You can install the app and instantly join drivers in your area. These drivers can share the latest traffic and road information with the community. This will not only save time but also save gas and money.

Once installed Waze can improve daily commuting of the users. Most of the GPS apps can only show the users his location and the route to his destination. Unlike the other GPS map apps, Waze shows your destination with all the routes along with the traffic situation of those routes. While you are using Waze, you can easily know how to get to your destination in the shortest time even if the usual route is blocked because of traffic. Just by driving with Waze open, a user is already contributing lots of traffic information to the local community he belongs. A user can also actively report accidents, police traps, closure and other hazards he faces on the road. They can also get road alert and find the cheapest gas prices around them shared by the community. Even they can add the prices of gas of various stations so that others can get the extra benefit too.

waze route trackingAnother important plus point of using Waze is the user can add friends from his contacts and even random friends from the community. They can send locations or keep others posted on their whereabouts. This is a great app when a group of friends are going to the same destination, as they can know where the others exactly are and if they are going to make it on time. The app is super easy to use as you can activate voice instructions and the voice will instruct you the way to your destination. For drivers who frequently explore new areas this app is a blessing. You don’t even need to look at the screen of your mobile phone to see where you are going. The voice guiding system will guide you all the turns of the road. The drivers can focus on driving while using this app.

The users of these apps can earn points for contributing to the community by providing various driving information. You can easily add information on new local places and businesses. The app can also reroute according to traffic situations and other problems. You can also sync the app with your Facebook events and calendar events. The view of the app is also soothing as you can easily guide them with your hands. The only problem is that the app continuously uses GPS and that can decrease the battery life of the mobile phone very quickly. But if you are not driving for a long time or the app is inactive, the app will stop automatically so that your battery is not wasted.

Waze is one of the best community GPS service apps around the world. Once you have entered the Waze community, driving experience can be better than ever. It already has 100million downloads in Google Playstore and a 4.6 out of 5 review by the users. This app can be very helpful for people who love traveling and obviously driving.

GPS Route Finder

gps route finder menuIf you are looking for the easiest and fastest route for your destination, you can certainly use GPS Route Finder. GPS Route Finder is another free GPS navigation app. This app is already available on most of the countries of the world. The app has voice guidance for the drivers so that they can easily drive while exploring their ways to a new destination.

GPS Route Finder is easy to use. The user has to enter their destination only to get the fastest walking or driving route of that place from his current location. This app is preferable for those who can’t have the luxury to waste their time on finding the shortest route every day. It helps to save the precious time of the users.

Anyone can use GPS Route Finder as their personal application so that they can for record where they are travelling. This app can help easily track all the locations visited by the users. It helps to track the user’s own locations date wise. The user can even set the time intervals to record locations according to that and save it into the database. They can even start the Mobile Location Tracker. Users can check their roaming places saved on Google maps.

This is an amazing app for those who want to monitor their family members or friends. The only thing they have to do is just to install the app in that person’s mobile. After that they can easily see all the places visited by checking the app history in their mobile. The app is safe and it won’t upload any of the personal data/locations to any other sites. The app will only store the locations in the phone. The complete phone location history can be deleted by simply clicking on the clear history Tab. This app can be a great weapon for parents who are dealing with children who don’t obey the rules. Many parents also use the app just to ensure the safety of their children. This can be a totally hassle free way to track their regular activities.

GPS Route Finder is one of the best mobile locator apps for android device. Not only can the users view the complete locator points on map with date wise but also they can share their current location with one click. If the users need to share their location with their dear ones, they don’t need to do much work as there is an option for sharing the location. The app has three kinds of maps to clearly show the destination and understand the route so that the users can choose the one suitable for his journey or traveling.

GPS Route Finder is a very useful app for people who travel alone and in various places. They can easily be connected to their families with this app. This app can let their families know about their whereabouts so that if any problem occurs they can locate the user. This app can be an emergency tool for the travelers.

The app supports different types of maps like normal maps, satellite maps and terrain maps. The user can use any of them. The best part of this app is you can download the app from Google Playstore for free. You don’t need to pay money for the app. The app has already got a 4 star review in the Playstore by the users. The only problem about this app is people can use this app to privately keep an eye on others. But that depends on the user to use it for good purpose. Overall, this app is a handy one for people who want to keep track of their regular activities and also travel frequently.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Another advanced GPS app is Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps. Once a user downloads the app, the app starts working. It downloads and stores maps on the phone of the user making offline use easy. Even without internet connection the users can enjoy a full functionality of the app. The app started its journey in 2004. It didn’t take much time for the users to get their hands to this new GPS app and Sygic became one of the most downloaded offline navigation apps very soon. Today, it has over 30 million users. This is one of the must have app for travelers around the world.

sygic gps navigation maps Free map updates are available several times a year. So the maps are updated automatically so that the users never face any problem regarding the routes. The app license lasts for life; this is a blessing for many users who are too lazy to re-license their apps. The main screen display shows the drivers the route ahead, the local speed limit and their own speed. It also shows the distance and time until destination along with the expected arrival time. There are some other features including an alert that beeps when the driver tops the local speed limit and a warning when there is a speed camera ahead. This app can be used globally as the app supports the maps of most of the countries of the world. Even you can get the directions in ten different languages. So, the voice guidance is easier for many people to use.

Sygic GPS map can be the all-purpose GPS navigation map for anyone. Users can use it while driving, walking to somewhere and even while traveling to new places. It is an everyday app for any kind of people from any profession. Users can access to offline maps. They can even drag and drop the routes easily in case the users couldn’t get the app to register their destination. Planning for multi-stop routes is also possible to highway rush  and also avoid tolls. The quick links of the app allows the user enjoy an easy access to petrol stations and and fast way to locate the nearest parking. This feature comes with all the information about availability and price. You can even find the cheapest gas from the route.

The free version is very helpful for many people. But if you want to get all the features, the premium version is a must. Premium version includes features like heads up navigation, traffic updates, celebrity voices and even premium speed cameras.

sygic gps navigation mapsThe heads up navigation is one of the most exciting features of this app. While driving many drivers can concentrate to the screen of the app. They can easily lie their phone down on the dashboard and the heads up navigation will project the route onto the windshield. Traffic updates can keep you ahead of other drivers. Traffic updates need internet connection. For an additional monthly fee and with an internet connection the app can warn the driver whenever a new speed trap appears on the route.

The accurate door-to-door voice guided navigation and free map updates will make the users fall in love with this app. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps offers high-end navigation experience to te users. The innovative features of this app ensure the safety and comfort of the users. Users can easily avoid traffic delays and get to their destination in the shortest time. The app will also aware you about sharp turns and railway crossings.

Overall, Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is one of the best multipurpose GPS apps with all the advanced features a user can think of. For travelers, the app is a must. Even for everyday use, the app can be very helpful.